Monday, November 5, 2018

Cowboy: 5 o'clock shadow, hair.

Today I continued detailing the cowboy's face and did the hair. He got eyebrows, and I tweaked his right eye so that he looks less cross-eyed from angles that looked a bit off before. I also gave him a a little beard scruff.

I tried putting some texture in the beard. I'm not sure if I like how that turned out or not. Up close, it seems like the texture isn't fine enough, and is too granular. However, from a distance it's OK. I am noticing in the front-on picture, the beard area isn't quite even on both sides, and I'll have to fix that next time. I might see if I can bring some definition back to his lips, too. That's kind of tricky with this sculpt. There isn't much to the lips in the sculpt itself, so it really needs help with paint.

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