Saturday, November 3, 2018


Here's the Werecroc, all finished. By which I mean, I painted his base, but did not do any additional shading and highlighting. I decided it looked fine, at least it seems good enough for table top.

I also started on another piece. This is one of the Thief of Hearts figures from Dark Sword miniatures. It came out of the box of stuff I prepped and primed years ago. That makes me sad - I'm sure it was not a cheap figure, but it's got fuzzy primer syndrome. I went over it with some brush-on sealer to try to minimize that.

All the painted versions of this figure that I've seen went with dark hair, skin, and cloth. So, I'm going to go with lighter colors. This base skin tone is Reaper HD Elf Flesh, which I haven't used before. It's sort of a yellow-y pink. I'd originally been thinking I'd make her blonde, but I suspect red will go better with that skin tone. Or...maybe I'll give her a non-traditional hair color. Purple. Or blue. Something.

I also worked a little on the cowboy, just adding a first round of shadow on his skin.

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