Friday, September 5, 2014


So, I didn't feel like working on the lizard tonight...wanted something simple. So I lined the snail - the updated picture on him is over on the 2014 gallery page. I also went back to the giant skeleton. Remember him? I decided to give the old drybrush a try before I started over on the guy.

I'm content with the results. Not the most super high quality paint job ever, but given that I'm sick of looking at this guy, I think it'll do. And I actually like the way it looks better than when I went back over to layer the base color back up. I'll hit highlight areas with a lighter color and call it good, I think.

I have to say I'm puzzled by the loincloth(?)in the front. It's sculpted like chain mail, but has that border around it, which...I'm just not sure what to do with. So I might start with things like the various strappy bits instead. Probably I'll paint them like leather, though linen might make more sense. It's just that linen won't stand out from the bone.

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