Saturday, September 20, 2014


Finished up the skeleton, which was just doing the base and putting his arm on.

I used dry pigment powder for the base, as an experiment. I have a bunch of the stuff but I haven't used it much. It provides a very different look than paint, I think. It doesn't pick up texture the way paint would, but it's easy to make areas of different color blend together smoothly. I was going for a dead/swampy look to the ground, so the colors I choose were mucky browns and grays. I think it looks OK. I'm not sure if it's convincing. I also put some water effects in a couple of which became hidden under the tombstone club he's got when I put his arm on. :p I think in order to make it looks swampy, I'd have to put more spots of water on. I didn't want to do that before seeing how it looked dry, though. I may throw some more on later. More likely not.

Two notes when working with pigment powder:

  • It will get everywhere. Prepare your work space accordingly - make sure other projects are well out of the way, and put down some newspaper or paper towel or something to catch what will spill.blow off.
  • Do not breathe the powder. It is not good for you. Get a mask. 
Last, it's been noted that there isn't really a good sense of scale for this guy. He's large. I mean, really large. So, here's a picture of him with a normal-sized skeleton between the gravestone and his left foot, and a typically sized Reaper human figure next to him.

Told you. He's big.

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