Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rex and Donnie get pants!

And hair. The hair is pretty much done for both of them, the pants just have base coats. Rex is getting new, non-faded jeans. Donnie has khakis. As for the hair...I'm still working on the PaintMinion hair technique. I'm not sure it's working out for me. Too much highlight, not enough highlight, particularly with Donnie. I went back and forth with it a good half dozen times before deciding to come back to it later. I put the brightest highlight in, it looks like he's got a halo. I glaze it down, and then the bright highlight gets lost. Bah.


  1. I know what you mean; I keep trying to paint the 'halo' highlight and sometimes it works okay, but often it looks like they're wearing a white crown. Rex's highlights looks pretty good from the front, maybe a bit too bright from the back. Donnie looks good to me.

    I love the way you paint denim. Both the faded and unfaded jeans look fantastic. What colours do you use to simulate denim?

    1. The faded jeans, I used RMS Snow shadow (9021) as the base color, Twilight Blue (9020) as the shadow, and Ghost White (9063) plus some pure white, I think about 50-50, as the highlight/faded color. Additionally, I think you have to keep in mind where jeans fade and be sure to put the highlight color there, not just where the light hits brightest.

      For the unfaded jeans, I used RHD Solid Blue (29816) as the base color, that plus a little black for shadows, and then Twilight Blue and Snow Shadow for highlights. I kept the highlights sparse to try to maintain the dark blue look.