Sunday, August 4, 2013

Airbrush Interlude (74!)

So, my weekend project was the two stone/earth elementals I ordered with my Reaper Bones. I only finished one of the two, sadly.

Here they are post air brushing. I gave them the same base coat of Reaper HD Dirty Gray (29835). I planned to differentiate them using glazes of various colors to add some interest and variety over the plain gray. I'd glued the heads on to these guys during prep, but left the arms off as they'd get in the way of reaching some areas.

Then I hit one with a Citadel black wash (whtatever they're calling it these days), and used RMS Brown Liner on the other one. It's pretty hard to tell the difference. The slightly darker one is the brown liner one.

Then I went with the black wash one. I glazed a few spots with orange, yellow, and purple, then dry brushed with the base gray and a couple other light neutrals.These guys actually have a ton of detail sculpted in. There are rocks of various texture, crystals, even a dinosaur skeleton on the shoulder. I tried to pick out a lot of it - you can see the differently colored crystals, and the layered reddish 'sandstone'. You can also just see the fossil dinosaur skull on his right shoulder. This is not the best crystal work I've done ever, but it'll be fine for table top.

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