Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to the vestal

Got back to working on the vestal today. Finished her hair and put a base coat on her armor. With the previous two vestals, I used brown as a shadow color for their hair. On this one, I used purple - the same dark purple I'm using as the base for the NMM on their swords - RMS Dark Elf Shadow. I ended up glazing it with the hair base color because it seemed a little too dark, but overall I like the look. I think it's better than the brown shadows. There was a span where her hair looked very flame-esque, but I lost that somewhere along the line. It might have been when I toned down the purple shadows, or it might have been too much fussing with the highlights.

I think I need to reestablish some of the lining on the skin side of where the skin meets the armor, too.


  1. I absolutely love what you've done with her hair! I really like the vestal miniatures and I'm looking forward to see what you make of them.

    1. Thanks again! I've got a set of 5 that I've been working on, all with the same coloration, for technique practice (hair, skin, and NMM - after all, what else is there on them?). After this set, I have 5 more that I'll probably do with different colors from these. It'll probably be a similar set of variations, though. Start out with a baseline, and then make minor-ish changes to see how it can be improved.