Saturday, August 10, 2013

76! And airbrushed stuff

So, finished up Finn today. Finn, as it turns out, is a Packers fan.I glazed his hair to smooth the highlights a bit, did the shading and highlights on the shoes, gun, and sweatshirt, and freehanded the Green Bay Packers logo on the hoodie. I'm quite pleased with how he turned out. Looks like there may be a chip on his shoe that needs fixed; otherwise, he's good to go.

As usual, I practiced the freehand on paper first:

Lastly, I started a batch of Bones skeletons, which is my airbrush project for the week. This is just the base coat on the skeletal parts. There was some over spray on to other parts, but that's fine.  I've also put a brown wash over them, but that's still wet right now. I'll get pictures of that stage before I continue with the tomorrow.


  1. One of my favorites since I started following the blog! Fantastic job on the freehand and the blends are very smooth!