Monday, August 5, 2013


It's just the other earth elemental, all done. This guy is mostly dirt with a few rocks, hence the brown, the tufts of grass, and so on. It was my husband's idea. The layered rocks are meant to be like mica - flaky, but kind of sparkly. The gray rocks have shades of purple and blue in them that are pretty subtle.

Tomorrow, back to the vestal.


  1. This is absolutely fantastic! I'm a geologist by day and the colouration of the granite is bang-on. To be completely realistic, the dinosaur skull should be a dark, reddish brown, as the bone will be stained by iron oxides, but since it's ebedded i the wrong type of rock anyway, there's no point in nitpicking details.

    I love the patches of grass on this, too. This is hands-down the nicest looking earth elemental I've ever seen!