Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No, I didn't forget about the tank.

Note: mostly naked woman at the bottom of this post.

Tonight I put some edge and rivet highlights on the tank. It's kind of subtle. I should probably go back and make the highlights a little wider...but I'm not going to. Next tank I'll try putting the highlights on with the airbrush, before the camo goes on.

Next I'll probably work on the parts that aren't going to stay beige. The exhaust pipes, the guns on the sides, a couple of grates, maybe the small gun on the front. After that, I'll start on the weathering.

I did some details on the face of the vesta - her lips and eyes, and some color on her cheeks. She's wearing makeup, hence the color of her lips and the blush on her cheeks. I'll give her eye shadow too, but probably not until after I've got her base hair color in place so I can decide what color I want to make it. Tomorrow I'll base coat her hair. Maybe make the color on her cheeks a little stronger. Hopefully get the eye shadow on.

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