Saturday, April 6, 2013

More monk, and a couple new things.

Note: the last mini in this post is a mostly naked female. If that bothers you, don't scroll all the way to the bottom.

But first, I shaded and highlighted the rest of the monk's clothing. Well, except for the blue bits on his wrists, which just got base coated today. Mostly it's just detail work I have left on him now. The fuzzy bits at his wrists, the sword, and the things hanging off his belt. I'm also going to put a rune of some sort on the red flap there.I think he looks okay, until you really start looking at the details, and then you can see the flaws.

Started a couple new things today. This is Azumi from Studio McVey. She is a limited edition resin miniature.  I've put a base coat of flesh on her. Why is the face still white, then? She's going to have makeup on. Heavy makeup, like a kabuki mask. Anyway, I'm going to try make her high quality, but I'm already running in to trouble with rough spots on the surface and mold lines. I haven't worked with resin before. It's a little harder to clean up because it's delicate and fragile, and you must wear a mask while sanding or filing it. But it's lighter, like plastic.

I'm using the RMS Golden Skin triad on her, which is the same one I'm using on the monk. However, I mixed some blue into the shadow color for the monk, and I won't be doing that here.

Almost naked girl starts here.

This is a Blood Vestal from Raging Heroes. I have 5 of them. Apparently they live some place very warm. But they amuse me, and she should be pretty simple. It's pretty much skin, hair, and then her armor and swords. I'm using the RMS Rosy Skin triad with her.

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