Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lamp Post

The past week or so I've been away for ReaperCon. Had a lot of fun, met a number of painters and sculptors, and got to hang out with them. Got a lot of helpful feedback on the painted pieces I took with me for critique. Also won a silver medal in the painting contest for the Blood Vestal. That's not too shabby - in the ReaperCon painting contest, silver is about as good as you get without painting at a professional level.

Made some progress on the pieces I took out there to work on. They're being shipped back to me, so I don't have them to show right now. In the meantime, I'm going to try to finish some of the stuff I've got in progress here. To that end, I worked on the lamp post tonight. I put some shading and highlighting on it, including OSL effects from the lighted part of the lamp. Also painted the housing of the light itself. It's off white, with a yellower section blended in in the middle.

The highlights and shadows might be too subtle, or need to be blended better. I'm going to take another look tomorrow.

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