Sunday, August 1, 2021

More base. Sorceror.

 I did more work on the base today, but it's again things that aren't terribly visible. I did some gap filling on the railing, and placed the sword that she's going to be balancing her right foot on. I can probably do more painting on those pieces now, but not today - needed to wait for the glue and putty to dry.

I had some more time after that, so I started painting this sorcerer dude from GW. I base coated the skin, and then put a dark shadow color on parts of the cloak and robe. The cloak was a separate piece, so filling in the shadow color allowed me to glue it in place without having to worry about painting in to covered/difficult to reach areas later. It also allowed me to do some gap filling on the shoulders that would have been very unfortunate to have to do after painting the pieces separately.

His right arm is another separate piece, but I'll probably have to wait a while to glue that in.

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