Monday, January 4, 2021

Clock Tower

 I've started another building project. I'm making a clock tower. The bottom will be stone, the top wood and plaster. I started by cutting a bunch of bricks out of foam.

Even with the rig, I had a really hard time getting the bricks to be a consistent size. Getting a constant thickness was the hardest bit, and not having a constant thickness is the biggest flaw as I build the tower.

I made a central frame out of foam core; this is to give me something solid and square to attach the bricks to. Without it, the tower would end up an inch narrower at the top with a 20 degree lean.

Straight lines and square corners are not things that come naturally to me.

Anyway, once I had the bricks cut, I knocked off the sharp edges by tumbling them with some rocks. I think I need more rocks to make that work better.

Then I started gluing them on to the central frame.

That's maybe half way done, maybe two thirds. I'll build the brick up father, then start on the top part where the clock face will live.

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