Saturday, January 18, 2020

Knight: Everything but the base. Hippolyta.

Finished the paint on the knight today, and then I started building up his base. I glued some scatter and rocks to the base...and then set it aside for the glue to cure. Tomorrow I'll paint it and put some tufts and flowers on there. He's not my best work ever, but I like him.

I also started on my next small scale project. This is Hippolyta, the Amazon. I'm going to have to paint her in a weird order because of the pieces that will need to get glued on. There's an arm and a piece of her skirt(?) in the front that need to be attached, but there are areas behind those pieces that need to be painted first because after they are glued in place there will be no getting to what's behind them.

So, I think the way I'm going to have to do this is to paint her legs and the inside of her cloak, then glue the front piece on, then paint the outside of the cloak and her whole midsection, then put her arm on, then finish it. It will be a challenge to work in such a weird order.

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