Monday, January 20, 2020

Hippolyta: More Base Coat. Goremaw: Maw

More base coating on Hippolyta. Not shown is the skirt piece. Next for her will be shading the inside of the cloak and her legs and boots.I'm going by the movie coloring for her since that's what the sculpt is clearly based on, and it's...very monochrome, all browns and golds. Have to see how that goes, it's not something I do typically.

I also spent some time on Goremaw, specifically his...well, maw.

I cleaned up the inside of the mouth so that everything was the color I wanted. Then I added shading and highlighting, painted the 'teeth' black, and then gave the whole thing a couple coats of gloss sealer so it looks wet and slobbery. When everything is done, if I remember I'm going to try a trick I've seen using glue to add strings of slobber. I'm afraid it'd be too fragile if I put that in now.

I'm debating going back to the airbrush with him. I'm finding lots of spots where the coverage is not as good as I'd hoped, I think it might help with cleaning up the orange, and I'm also thinking of using a darker purple in the shadows between plate ridges.

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