Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dagon: Color Tests

Today I did some color tests for Dagon, to try to get a color pallete I like. I found a random fish guy figure and started slapping paint on. There's no detail work and pretty much no blending. I like this guy though, so I may come back and finish him later.

This was my first try. I started with pink on his fins and a yellow green for the highlight. Then I tried a dark teal for the fins, and that was not better. While I like the yellow-green, it doesn't suit the look I want for this particular project.

This was my other try. I still don't love the pink, but I think he needs that additional hue and I haven't had any ideas what might be better. But I do like the the blue shadows, and I like the pale green highlights better than the yellow/green. It's more in line with my mental image. I'm going to play with the fin color a little more, but I think the rest I'm going to keep as-is.

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