Friday, September 6, 2019

Beagle Barbarian, Demon

Back from ReaperCon! I won a couple of awards, which I meant to get pictures of to post here, but didn't. I'll get those tomorrow. I did quite well this year - ReaperCon Sophie got gold in Painters, the cowboy from late last year won best Scale 75 Historical, and the big one: the Noblewoman won me a gold Sophie in Painter's. It's my first gold Sophie, and I'm super thrilled!

Now that I'm back, I'm starting my next projects:

This is the next Dungeons & Doggies commission guy. I've got two left; I'm probably going to do them both and get this finished up.

And the demon bust...I don't remember if I showed pictures of him before I left or not. Anyway, I've cleaned him up, done some gap and bubble filling, and rebuilt the tip of his left ear, which broke off. I'd been debating whether to rebuild it or leave it and treat it like a battle wound, and went with rebuilding it. However, I like the idea of the scarred ear, so I might go back and cut a wound into it.

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