Monday, September 23, 2019


So today I got back to the Harlot and my experiment using just the Pathfinder paint set.

Then I got bored with the experiment and just slapped enough paint on her to call it done.

She is seriously lacking in contrast, both in highlight and shadow. The across-the-figure contrast isn't too bad, though it could use more darks.

The Pathfinder paint set from Reaper has a lot of really lovely saturated colors, especially in the blues and purples. The metallics also look really good. I'd definitely recommend it as a supplement to whatever you already have. However, I would not recommend it as a stand alone set, like if you were trying to find a starting set of paints for somebody new to the hobby. It's very lacking in neutral colors (browns, grays, etc.) and dark colors. It is so lacking in dark colors that I was having a hard time even finding things I could mix to make a good shadow.

In any case, that is done, and now I will be moving on to other things.

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