Sunday, July 31, 2016

Micon: More shadow

Trying something new and different with the shadow for his skin tone. It's gonna be red. Looks a little weird to me, but that's because it's quite different from my usual palette. Also because it's partly done - it'll be better once I've cleaned the shadows up a bit, smoothed things out, and added a couple darker shadows and the highlights. I do like his back better than the chest.

Also got some work in on Dena. I put some green stuff on her boot where it needed to be reconstructed after removing her broccoli base, and also started extending the sword. When the green stuff has cured I'll cut it down to match the rest of the sword. What I didn't do that I should have done was add some brass rod off the end of the sword to act as support for the green stuff and help it stick; this may fall right off the end. Guess we'll see.

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