Saturday, January 2, 2016

Next Projects

With Kyra finished, I'm going to start working on a competition piece for Adepticon.  I had two pieces in mind. The first was going to be this one, Himoko, from Studio McVey.

Today I cleaned her up. I also remembered that I don't much like working with resin. It's delicate under good conditions, and this figure isn't good conditions. It's very fragile, with all those thin strips. In cleaning it up, I broke three spots that I will have to try to fix. I may end up breaking more. I also couldn't get it a smooth as I'd like because of the various folds and sashes. I still like the figure, though, and my plan for her as a competition piece is still stuck in my head. So, I will keep working on her, but have a backup plan in case it gets too frustrating or too broken or something.

So, here's the current backup plan:

Still resin, but nice and clean and not so fragile. This is Jaheda from Raging Heroes. I may or may not stick with this piece, but for the moment I'm going with it.

My other project I'll have pictures of tomorrow.

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