Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Himiko & Hunter: Flesh Base Coats

So, here we go on the competition pieces. I still have concerns with both of them, but for now I'm going to push forward.

Here's the hunter for the diorama with a base coat on his skin. I'm going to put a lighter color on the palms of his hands and maybe his chest, like a lizard. The spots on his skin will be a rusty red.

And Himiko. The skin tone is a bit darker than I was originally picturing because I want to put white makeup on her face and I want to make sure there's going to be enough contrast. The surface of her face and bosom was very rough. I went over it with a couple more layers of brush on sealer. It helped some. I don't dare use more because the detail on her face is quite shallow.

I may yet go back through my unpainted figures and see if I can find something which will be a little more straightforward than these two. We'll see.

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