Saturday, January 24, 2015

Templar: Sash, Bra. Librarian: Hood.

So I put a base coat of a rusty red/orange on the librarian's hood. I've done this before shading and highlighting any of the other clothing because I want to make sure I like the color combination before I put a lot of effort into detailing it.

I don't use orange often, and the color is much brighter than anything else on the figure right now. Both the green and the purple are not as saturated. So, it's a color I'm not used to seeing, and it sticks out a lot against the rest. That adds up to me not being terribly comfortable with it. This is the kind of situation where I can't tell if I don't like it because it really isn't working, or if I don't like it because I'm not used to seeing it.

However, part of the point of practicing is to try new things and push boundaries, so I'm going to stick with it. I'm pretty sure that if I use the same color (the purple) in the shadows in all three, that will help tie it together.We shall see.

And for the templar. I shaded and highlighted the bra, and put another base coat along with a first round of shading on the sash.

There's a couple places on her skin that I'm going to have to come back and touch up or re-line, but I'm going to wait to do that until I'm done with the sash. There's a pretty good chance that in doing the sash I will slop a bit more. There are a few really hard to get to spots on this figure, like that bit on her left side between her arm and her body where the sash comes down. Pretty much I'm stuck with jamming some dark colored paint in there as carefully as I can to avoid hitting her arm or her waist, and hoping I get it all filled in.

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  1. I don't like the orange hood as fashion but do I like it. The figure felt a bit boring before but now it grabs and makes you look.