Friday, January 23, 2015

Templar: Pants, Sash. Librarian: Coat

Continued with the highlights on the templar's pants. Finished the areas that I hadn't put any highlight on yet, and also put a lighter layer of highlights on. Looking at it, the pictures from yesterday were right. It wasn't light enough. So, I fought with the uncooperative paint some more. I spent a lot of time going back and forth, making the highlights wider, then narrower, then wider again, then lighter, then not so light, then lighter to the point where continuing to futz with it was not helping. So I bailed and went on to base coating her bra and sash. I may go back to the pants if I think I can improve them.

That red really didn't cover well, so I'll probably put on at least one more coat.

Also put a base coat of olive green on the librarian's coat.

So far, I'm liking both these color schemes.

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