Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lizardman: Skin (Hide?) base coat

Filled in his base coat, making it all nice and opaque. Even remembered the tail this time.

I also worked a bit on a base for another figure that I'll be starting soon. This is a square slotted base with a lip. I've filled it in with heavy gel with a little brown paint mixed in. The brown wasn't mixed in quite well enough, which is the white chunk in the middle. It's all going to be covered anyway. I'll paint the gel, then put some static grass on it to make it meadow-y.

I could probably have skipped filling the whole base in like this, and just put the grass on the well of the base itself. But then, since the base of the figure is smaller than that slot I'd have had to try to partly fill in the slot area. Here, I'll cut out just enough of the gel to fit the slot on the figure in, and the rest of it will be more or less even. Not quite even because the gel shrinks as it dries, but close enough.

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