Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Librarian: Glasses, skirt

I didn't spend a lot of time painting tonight, and I wasn't up for doing careful shading. So I switched to focus on the librarian for today. Her face had looked unfinished with the glasses not painted and that was bugging me, so I gave her some nice Matilda glasses.

Then I spent a while considering a color scheme for her. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted a khaki jacket and a red head scarf. I might put a camo pattern on the jacket, but probably not. Then the question was, what color to make the skirt/bodice? I went with a dark, de-saturated purple. I'll probably put the other colors on before I shade and highlight it just to make sure the combination is OK.

I did futz some more with the templar's hair, but I don't think it looks much different so I didn't get new pictures. I'll pick that up next time I work on her.

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