Saturday, April 12, 2014


So, I sat down to get started today, and saw that his robes were not put together quite the way I thought they were from looking at just the front of the figure. I did a quick reconfiguration of my color scheme. Same colors, just laid out differently. This is done in Paint .NET the same as before, just less carefully.

Then I sat down to get started. As I was putting down the base coat, I found three pits in the back of the cloak that I needed to fill. Of course, I didn't find them all at the same time, so it took a couple rounds of filling and waiting. Sigh.

I'd hoped to get much farther today, but it just wasn't happening. Maybe I can make it up tomorrow.

I did clean up the highlights on his nose a bit, but nowhere else. It looks rough in the pictures, but not in person. I am wondering if I should knock some of those highlights on his skin down just a tad. Also, the orange is much more day-glo in the pictures than in person. It's still a very vivid orange, just not quite as glaring.

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