Sunday, January 5, 2014


Note: I'm getting back to one of the blood vestals, so there are semi-nude minis below.

Finished the zombies. Like I said, about half an hour of work, and they're done. I've put them with the rest of their brethren, and they'll probably get boxed up to wait for a walk on in a 1st level dungeon.

Hey, remember this guy? I put some shading and lining on his grays. Next, I want to narrow the shadow areas a bit by bringing the base color back in, and then maybe glaze some color into the mid tones a la Michael Proctor (now that I'm working with a color light enough it might actually show up). We'll see. Those areas are quite narrow, so there's not a lot of room to work with the additional tones. I might rather try it first on something with nice, large swaths of cloth to work with.

And, starting the 4th of 5 blood vestals. I put a couple layers of the base color on her skin. It needs a couple more to get to a nice solid base. The face on her certainly is expressive...she's awfully annoyed at somebody.

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