Saturday, July 20, 2013

Airbrush Interlude

So, recently my Bones Kickstarter minis showed up. It's a lot of stuff, and some of it I already have plans for. For instance, I've got 24 rats. I'm doing these as a large group, using my airbrush for as much of it as I can and trying to paint them quick, for gaming use. So, not a super-high quality job here, but decent for the gaming table. I started the first group of 12 today.

I started by airbrushing dark gray on the base for the stone color. Then I used blue painter's tape to cover the base, and then airbrushed the rat bodies with browns and beige. I used three different colors for the rats so they could be easier to tell apart. The plan is to do shading and highlights on these base coated areas, then pick out details with a brush.

Here's the rats post-airbrush. I think it took me an hour or hour and a half for this, including the time spent cleaning the airbrush once I was done. That's longer than I was hoping, but I'm still pretty sure it's less time than I would have taken me to base coat to this stage with a brush.

Then I did some clean up and detailed the stone base and the rat bodies.I think that was a couple more hours.

Tomorrow I'll do the tails, paws, and faces, and they'll be done!

I have 12 more. I plan to air brush those as well, but maybe do the rat bodies first, then tape that part off, then do the base. Taping up the base was time consuming and kid of tricky; I think maybe I can just put a circle of tape around the rat itself and it'll go a little quicker and easier.

I'll get back to the bots and the blood vestal soon!

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