Sunday, July 28, 2013


Painted up the blue bot's feet, so he's done now. Well, I might have some post-glue clean up to do, but otherwise he's done.

And, finished up the second batch of rats. The bad news is, I may have to re-do the first batch. I sprayed them with my favorite sealer, but apparently that sealer does not play nice with the Bones plastic, and over time will make them shiny and sticky. I'm debating whether I want to strip them all now and re-do them, or wait and hope that mine don't do that. Probably I should strip them. Sigh.

And, sculpted the main 'body' on my practice dummy. It's kinda hard to see with all the shine, but there he is, finished now. It's a little large and a little lumpy. I need to work on not using too much putty and getting it smooth. Still, for a very first effort, I'll take it.

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