Friday, July 19, 2013


Finished Omar. As you can see, I put him on a square base. This was in part for stability - his integral base was small - and partly so I could give him a bit of a scenic base.

Now, given that he's in fancy dress, what I should have done was chop him off his integral base to start with and put him on flagstone or marble or something. But, the time to cut him off the integral base is long past. So, he gets sand. I just glued his base to the plastic base, then covered the whole thing with sand.

I have a bunch of guys who are primed and ready to go who have been primed and ready to go for a while now. If I were prepping them now, I might cut them off their bases, or not glue them to their slotted bases, so I would have more basing options when I got to them. But I didn't, so until those are all done they're going to get whatever basing I can stick on 'em. With stuff that I'm prepping now, I'm trying to leave myself more flexibility.

Also started these bots today. They should go pretty quick.

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