Saturday, July 13, 2013


Made a lot of progress today - this is gonna be a big one.Also, I've started working on another blood vestal, so there's a slightly naked mini below.

Finished the lizard men.The basing is not exactly what I envisioned. I was experimenting with a couple different types of vegetable matter. I had one that's called 'leaf scatter' which is green and has a variety of size and textures, including small seeds. I also used another that has a more consistent size and shape, but is more colorful. Then I placed some individual red and orange leafy bits. I kind of wanted brighter greens on the base, but I don't think I can get it without painting the leaf bits. Which is what many people do. For gaming table quality guys...I may just live with the duller green.

Finished Omar's skin and started on his clothes. He's so cheerful! I may need to mess with that highlight on his cheeks, though. It looks a little to stripe-y.

And started on another Blood Vestal.This is just a base coat on the skin.

And lastly, some sculpting! I'm making a practice dummy. This is the sticks used as a frame for the thing. Definitely better than my earlier attempts at sticks. Next will be putting the stuffed sack part on.

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