Saturday, September 11, 2021

Vin: Put Together

I finished Vin's skirt today and put her on her base. She's not done - I still have to paint and attach a couple additional small pieces, like her other hand. There's also a couple build issues I'm going to fix. For instance, the extra bit that I put back on her skirt hits against one of the columns, so she doesn't sit quite down all the way on the base. I am probably going to jam some putty in underneath to fill the gap and hopefully make the join a little stronger.

I'm probably not going to fix the gaps between the little pillars and the base. I don't think I could without making it look funky. 

As a whole, this piece is working out more or less the way I wanted. It has some issues:

  • Construction issues where things don't join as tightly as I wanted.
  • She's pretty fragile - I would not want to travel with this piece.
  • The window works, but really looks best when it's backlit. It would be better to have some LEDs in the back or something to make that happen.

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