Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Drusil: Shading Face. Phone booth, version 2.

Over the last couple days, I added a little more putty to the joins on Drusil. Today I touched up the base coat on the areas with the putty, and then started shading. There's a first layer of shading on her face and chest.

I'm wondering if I need more putty where that leg and the robe meet. I'll look again tomorrow.

Over the weekend, I also built a second tiny phone booth. This time, I got a few pictures in progress.

These are some small sticks that I'm using for interior structure, to have something to glue the plasticard to. The drawings above are showing the size I'm going for.

These are the pieces of plasticard I cut to use as the sides. A couple of the inner frame pieces are there to show (very roughly) where they will be attached.

Here's a top view once the sides were all glued in place. 

Here's what it looks like once the top and bottom are on and the details added. 

And here it is with the first one I made. The first one is on the right, and the second one is on the left. It's not great, but it's better.

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