Sunday, December 27, 2020

Completed Experiment

 So last weekend I posted a figure with a weird base coat. It was going to be the starting point to an experiment. I finished up the experiment today. Was it successful? Well, depends on your definition of success. It didn't produce a wonderfully painted figure or anything like that. But I answered the question I wanted to answer and I learned some things in the process. So from that standpoint, I consider it a success.

I had the base coat on previously. Today I started with shading...some green, then dark brown. I highlighted with a lighter version of the base color. I painted the hair dark, and then glazed red in on her dress. 

Things that didn't work: I don't think using the base color for the skin tone works without having the context of the rest of the page. I definitely need to shade and highlight darker/lighter if I plan to glaze over it, which I should have known if I'd thought about it. I would need to think of a way to deal with the fine details. I also think you'd have to have just the right figure for it to look good.

Things that worked: I like the glazed on color, and I think with some work you could paint a figure that way and it would work out, if you solve the aforementioned problems. It would give you a nice, if very non-traditional, look. 

So would I try it for real? Maybe. 

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