Sunday, December 20, 2020

Drusil: Shading. Experiment.

Finished off my last commission piece for the year this weekend, so I'm back to personal projects for the time being. I got back to Drusil, and got more shading on her skin.

I'm also doing an experiment where I'm trying to replicate particular 2D art style. For what I'm trying to reproduce, go look for any of Tony DiTerlizzi's Changeling or Planescape drawings. They have a particular style, where there's sort of a yellowish background, a lot of heavy, dark lines, and then colors are kind of suggested with very transparent layers in various places. I want to see how that'd work on a mini. So, I got out a Bones figure to experiment with. I've laid down a base coat across the whole figure.

Next step will be to shade and line the whole thing with dark brows (and some greens in the skin areas). I will probably add some highlights in a lighter shade of this base color after that, and then glaze colors into a few areas, and see what happens.

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