Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Adriana: Shirt, Hair

 Finished the base coat on Adriana's shirt. It took an additional 3-4 coats. Bleh. Then I went back to her hair. I roughed in a first round of highlights. My goal there was to get a general idea as to placement, and also to determine if I'm going to like warm highlights, or if I should switch to a cool color for the hair highlights.

After I'd roughed in the highlights and looked at the results, I came to two conclusions. One, I like the warm highlights so far and will be continuing that way. Two, the addition of the highlights made her hair color start to read lighter than I want. Well, that's probably going to be OK, because those highlights are also wider and possibly more widespread than they should be. I expect that when I come back to blend them in, they will get smaller, and her hair will look darker again. 

However, in the meantime, I also went back in with the original darker brown and put that in some of the shadow areas. I made a thin ring of it around where her hair meets her skin, the undersides of some of the waves and curls, along the bottom of the back where her hair tucks back in toward her neck, and so on. I think that made a noticeable, if subtle, difference. 

I also need to start considering what colors I want to use for her jacket. I think I want to stay with a cool color, and I think I want to stay away from brown...which is too bad, because that looks very much like a leather jacket to me. Maybe gray?

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