Sunday, August 23, 2020

Adriana: Face, shirt

 I finished (at least for now) the detailing on Adriana's face today. That's finishing off the eyes and eyebrows, adding a red glaze on her cheeks, and a little bit of a purple glaze on her chin. I'm not currently planning on doing more with her face, but I may come back and futz with it a bit once I've got the other parts farther along. 

After that, I had a little more time but not enough to get into her hair. Instead, I started the base coat on her shirt. I'm happy with the cool green and its contrast against the warm browns in her skin and hair, but...oh, cool green, why must you vex me so? It's a relatively transparent paint which will take a few more coats to get solid coverage. Sigh. I thought about undercoating it with something, but I was having trouble finding a paint that I wouldn't have to worry about shifting the color in a direction I didn't want. So, unlike the GW tree guy I'm working on, on her I'm just going to suck it up and do a lot of coats of that green.

I am kinda wishing that she wasn't looking down. I wonder if I tilted her forward when I put her on the plinth.

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