Sunday, May 21, 2017

King: Done!

I don't love that sword, but I'm still calling him done. I'm going to give him a once-over tomorrow for any cleanup, then put sealer on him, then start putting stuff together on the throne. It'll be nice to see everything starting to come together.

Finishing him means it's time to move on to the other main figure. I put her together today. Normal I think I'd have chosen to leave the arms off, as having them in place is going to make for a couple tricky spots for painting. However, there were gaps that were going to need to be handled. I suspect the mold she came out of was a little on the older, more worn side, so some of the edges are a little soft and the pieces didn't go together completely snug (though I've seen worse). So, I took care of that. You can see the green stuff around the shoulders. Next for her will be primer.

Oh. Her sword broke off too, so I had to fix that as well, too. I didn't line the blade and hilt up quite right, so that's going to look a little funny.

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