Sunday, May 7, 2017

Diorama: The King

I've moved into the people for the diorama now, and spent most of the week cleaning up the king for painting. That was trimming down mold lines and uneven bits, filing down some of them, filling in bubbles with green stuff, and brushing over rough bits with clear sealer to try to smooth out the surface.

I also attached his arms, which was a bit of work as they had to be positioned just right so he'd sit in his throne with everything correctly lined up. This involved changing how the arm with the sword was positioned. It's meant to sit on the floor next to him, but the platform his throne is on is smaller than the one that came with the piece. Getting everything to sit right left a big gap between the arm and his shoulder, so I had to fill that in with putty.

The prep took a lot longer than I expected. But I finally got primer on him today, and started painting. I need to really pick up the pace or I won't be done in time. At least he doesn't have a lot of fussy bits.

While waiting for putty to dry, I also started on a cup I'll put on the base. I'll probably have it on the floor with some spilled wine. That was something else I experimented with this week - making something that looks passably like wine. I'm going with Realistic Water with magenta and purple ink in it.

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