Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Diorama: Putting it together

With the king done, tonight I put together the diorama pieces that are done. That was the club, the mounted heads, and the king himself. This was stressful, as an errant drop of glue or a failure to get something straight before the glue set could have ruined the whole piece. I think I made it through OK, though, and here's the result.

I'm pretty excited to see it coming together.

I also started working on the other main figure for this diorama, who I am calling Barbarian Barbie:

Once I started painting her, it became clear this figure has more issues than I thought. There are some other gaps I should have filled with green stuff. They're not visible unless you hold her upside down, though, so I'm going to leave it and hope for the best. I also found more surface roughness which I tried to cover with sealer.

Then there's her outfit, which is highly, highly improbable. I didn't notice until I started painting her that there's absolutely nothing holding that bra in place. So, I'm just calling her Barbarian Barbie and having a good laugh.

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