Sunday, March 29, 2015

Karzoug: Robes Re-re-redux.

But hopefully, I'm done with this part now. At least at the moment I'm much more content with the way it looks.

I glazed the highlights down to make them more orange instead of yellow. I darkened the shadow purple just a hair with a glaze, and also worked on smoothing the transition from mid-tone to shadow in that spot under his knees a bit. The robe actually reads much more like orange now, rather than a weird mix of colors. It still may turn out to be a poor choice.

Also did the gems on his forehead and the backs of his hands.

Why isn't the back of the outer robe painted? Well, this guy isn't very stable on the film canister, so I end up bracing the back of the figure against my finger as I work on it. So, there's been lots of primer rub-off. So, instead of doing what I'd usually do and paint the whole outer robe all at once, I'm going to do everything on the front side of the figure, then come back and do the robe last so hopefully I can avoid having to fix rubber-off paint later.

I think next I may do his staff.

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