Saturday, March 21, 2015

Karzoug: Hair, Robes

Finished his hair, base coated the robes and put in a first rough round of shadow. Looks like I got a bit of orange on his face. Going to have to go back and fix that. Still not sure about the highlights on his cheekbones. I keep thinking they might be too light.

I also realized this figure demonstrates one of my pet peeves - bits that go nowhere and attach to nothing. That scarf thing on his right shoulder? Doesn't go anywhere on the back side. Going to have to take a look to see how other people have handled that.

Also worked on tree building. The goal for this one is just to see if I can get the shape I want and make it look decent. It's not the one I intend to use. I'll have to be a lot more careful with placement of branches on that one.

I think the overall shape is decent. I'm going to cover it with heavy gel and gauze to hide the wires and hopefully give it the appropriate texture.

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