Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Competition Pieces: Rough Layout Studies

I didn't paint at all today. Instead, since some of my materials for my competition pieces for ReaperCon got here, I was playing around with layout for those items.

This is just blocking in rough layout so that I can determine the size and shape of the bases that I want to use, decide if I need more/different components, and determine what sizing I need for items I'm going to build. None of this is final, and it definitely isn't pretty.

First, the diorama. This is going to be this ranger in camp, practicing sword play while her raccoon familiar was poking around in her pack for food. The familiar has noticed that an imp is about to attack the camp.

Of course, since everything is still metal, white, or green stuff, it's pretty hard to see. The round bit is not the base I'll be using, it's for sizing. The tree and related parts are definitely not the final, but still there to show rough location.

What I've learned from this is that I probably can get the imp in the tree in a way that will be reasonably sturdy. I wasn't sure. But that figure isn't very heavy and I think between his tail, foot, and spear, I can get 2 or maybe 3 points where I can attach him, if I'm careful positioning him and the tree branches. Which brings me to the other things I learned - I'm going to have to be careful how I position him and what angles the tree branches are at. I may even have to kind of build them together.

Second, I've got a single figure I'll be doing. Again, it's kind of hard to see everything.

I'm going to swap out that flaming blade for something else. There are going to be two of the tall candlesticks in the back, it's just that I've only made one so far. It originally had three candles sticking up, which I cut off. That gave me the little candles I've picked out in the front, at the corners of the pentagram. I wasn't originally going to do anything like that, but since I ended up with those little candles anyway, why not?

I may or may not put the little cat familiar in. It might be too much.

This one is going to be much simpler to make. I think I'm pretty happy with the layout here, I just have to do it.

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