Friday, May 9, 2014

Lizards and Wizards

Got some new photo gear today - a light tent. It diffuses light so you get nice, evenly lit shots with no shadows. The down side is that it also reduces the amount of light, which means I was shooting at lower shutter speeds and had to worry about camera shake. I have a tripod I can use, but space is an issue there. I also have brighter light bulbs. We'll see if the tent helps with my picture quality.

Remember this guy? I started him months ago. He's next on my list of unfinished things to get finished. I'd put the base coat on his skin previously. Tonight I shaded it.

I also started this piece, which is a gaming mini for a friend in my husband's D&D group. His face and skin are done. The left side of his face has a mold line I tried to trim away, but getting in there with my blade was tricky. I'll see how much I can smooth it out with paint, but the dude may have some scarring when it's all done.

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a light tent for ages. I've been using a makeshift one that I made out of a plastic milk jug and it's certainly better than nothing, but I should probably invest in a proper one. These pictures look great.