Friday, May 2, 2014


Just finally got back from ReaperCon and got all unpacked.

So, first of all, how the con went. I entered Larry, the elf girl, and Stillwater into the painting competition. They judges chose Larry to be the piece they'd judge (in the ReaperCon contest, only one entry per category is actually judged). He got a silver, which is what I expected. Got some feedback on both him and the elf girl, so I have some more areas where I can improve.

I didn't do much painting at all while I was there, but I did some sculpting. I'll post pictures of that tomorrow.

I'm going to spend the next little while catching up on figures I've started and then stopped working on. Also, I have a number of figures I'm supposed to be working on for various people for games and such. So, there are a few things I'm going to try to buzz through.

In that vein, here's Maria from Hasslefree. I started her a while ago, if you go back and look. I finished her skin and face while at Reaper, as well as base coating the jeans, shirt, and hair. I'm hoping to finish her tomorrow, or at least this weekend. She's meant to be gaming quality...especially since there are some issues from the casting that I can't fix (mold lines in places that can't be reached), and her face/eyes are recessed pretty deep behind her hair, there. That made doing her eyes pretty much a matter of poking the brush in there and hoping for the best.

I'm also still getting used to the new camera. Clearly had some focus problems here.

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