Saturday, May 10, 2014

Farther along.

Did get some stuff today in between other things.

I also tried putting some higher wattage bulbs in the lamps in my photo set up to try to account for the light lost because of the diffuser. No good - It didn't light the figures enough to increase my shutter speed appreciably, and it's a much warmer light. I don't care for the look. So, next time I'll go back to my original bulbs.

Anyway, the wizard. Did his hair. Also looked at the painted piece on Reaper's site for a guide on what bits of cloth belong to other bits of cloth, and saw he's got fingerless gloves. I looked at the mini, and sure enough...fingerless gloves. So I painted in his fingertips, too. Also base coated his robes.

Also highlighted the lizard man's skin. Next will be doing his crest and spots.

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