Friday, December 13, 2013

A little better with the eyes

I went back to Karick's face and cleaned up the eye and the highlights. I think it's better.As you can see, I also started on some of his clothes. I should find some pictures to double check, but my mental image of jedi and sith has them sticking to minimal colors and lots of neutrals. Another thing I noticed on this guy is that the metal used by Guild of Harmony appears to be quite soft. So, everywhere I filed him, there are noticeable file marks. They don't really show up in the pictures, but they do in person. Now that he's got a couple coats of paint on, I'll see if they are still objectionable next time. If so, I'll try putting on a couple coats of brush-on sealer as a gap filler and see if that'll smooth it out a bit more.

And I put some shading on the metal bits of the lizard man. It doesn't show up great in the photos, but it's there. I'll do another layer of darker shading next time.

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