Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yay! My stuff showed up today.

That would be my painting stuff from my visit to Reaper, including my sample/practice pieces for stuff I worked on there. Now that I have my sample, I mostly focused on the NMM sword today.

Finished highlighting on the crow. The back picture is a little misleading; when not under super bright photo lights it looks blacker. Also darkened the sword blade, and put highlights on it.The blade is done apart from the runes. Started the handle; it's about half way through its NMM treatment. I'll put the crow's feet back in once the sword hilt is done. Also put a base coat and wash on the base. 

Did a little work yesterday on the lizard in armor, just a base coat on his underbelly. Need to go back and do highlights on the green parts.

Put a coat of brush-on primer on the monk I'll be using in my vignette. Of course, the primer showed a bunch of mold lines and other such imperfections. I'll be going back and spending some more time with a file on this guy, then re-primering as needed. It doesn't show up great in the pictures, but you can see some on the bottom edge of his skirt, and the edges of his sword. Also a bit on the fingers of his sword hand. I will also need to do some clean up on the side of his face that doesn't really show in these pictures. Mold line right across his eye...of course.

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