Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Did a bit of work on most everything. Put a wash on the flesh of the gangers; not bothering with pictures. Trimmed the base for my vignette to the size I want...no pictures of that, either, because it doens't really look any different. Next on that piece will be waiting for the wood version of the platform, and maybe putting primer on the guy.

Made some progress on the sword NMM practice. Base coated and shaded the blade, and base coated the raven. The sword hilt and handle will be gold. The runes, I might try some OSL on. Or I may just make them gold as well.

Also put a Athonian Camoshade wash on the flesh of the big lizard. Not too exciting, I'm just trying to barrel through the skin on him to get to the armor.

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